You’re Invited to an Exclusive Meet & Greet Event at Front and Company!

Are you a lover of Lover’s Tempo jewelry? Because we are! We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting our first meet and greet event with Vancouver based jewelry designer, Elaine Kim on Thursday April 9, 2015. This event is the perfect chance to preview Elaine’s new spring-summer collection which could become the perfect new accessory for your upcoming occasions. Enjoy refreshments as you meet Elaine and shop the night away.

Event Details

  • Where – Front and Company, 3772 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3N7
  • When – April 9, 2015 from 7pm to 9pm after regular hours
  • Who – You and a guest but space is limited so RSVP as soon as possible at

Elaine Kim

Elaine Kim created Lover’s Tempo jewelry line after completing her BA in Art History and a minor in Fine Arts at UBC. Through her studies and fashion experiences, she found her true passion for unique, quality designed jewelry made for various occasions. Elaine believes in designs that are effortlessly elegant for young, modern day girls. Elaine also loves using vibrant colour palettes and eclectic designs in her pieces which represents her new night sky theme collection. Before we get too carried away with exclusive event details, RSVP for a night of shopping, mingling and fun!

We also want to mention that we’ve partnered with Broadway International Wine Shop for a private wine tasting happening this night only. Refreshments by our new neighbours, Liberty Bakery.

Liberty-logo  BroadwayInternationalWine

 Sneak peak of Elaine’s spring-summer collection

Our Favorite Vancouver Salad Bars

We don’t need to tell you that it’s blisteringly hot outside! When it’s this hot outside, cooking a hot meal is usually the least thing on our minds. We want something tasty, filling, and doesn’t require firing up the stove or oven. Therefore, summertime is the time for salads to shine!

Salads are easy to make – add greens, veggies, protein, dressing, and whatever else you like, then mix it all together! While it’s easy to prepare a salad, there are also those who take salad making seriously and elevate it to artful deliciousness.

These are the places we go in Vancouver for a cool, crisp salad on a hot day!

Culver City Salad Food truck and delivery service – check website for more info.


Photo by Stephen Hui

Culver City Salads are leading the way in Vancouver for creating healthy, fresh, and delicious meals. Owned by a pair of sisters, Culver City Salads features a rotating men of salads based on what the local produce of the day is. We’ve had a salad that featured kale, rice noodles, a bevy of organic veggies and their house-made chipotle dressing! Culver City Salads can deliver to you with a minimum order or catch their food truck around! The Juice Truck brick and mortar store in Mt. Pleasant also carries a featured salad from Culver City everyday.

Chef Claires 3610 Main St.


Photo from Chef Claires

Located about two streets down from Front & Co, Chef Claires is one of our go-to places for lunchtime! Chef Claires is a catering business that also does the meanest paninis and salad for lunch time. Everyday is different, but you will be sure to find a sandwich and salad you like at Chef Claires. One of our favorite rotating salads include the curried roasted cauliflower!

Harvest Community Foods 243 Union St.


Photo from Noam Dehan

Equal parts artisan grocery store and Japanese-inspired kitchen, Harvest Community Foods serves up delicious food that you can have inside or outside the store. They carry many of our favorite local brands such as Earnest Ice Cream, Sugo Sauce, and greens from Sole Foods, but it’s the kitchen that shines. The Japanese-inspired menu does a rotating menu of ramen that changes with the ingredients. In the summertime, the menu changes to include refreshing soba salads that are perfect to combat the hot weather!

Whole Foods Multiple Locations

whole foods

Photo from C’est La Vie

Whole Foods is fantastic in a pinch when we are craving a salad we can customize. The salad bar has a huge assortment of greens, toppings, and dressing that you can load up and call your own! The olive bar is enormous and the hot food section is fantastic as well – add a meatball or two if you feel like beefing up your salad!

Where do you go to get a crisp salad on a hot day? Drop us a line and lettuce know!

Summer Nights at Front X Nice Pops

Front & Company is teaming up with local popsicle geniuses, Nice Pops, for our second Summer Nights event where we will be keeping our doors open till 9PM on July 31st for a night of shopping, snacks, and cool treats!


Nice Pops has been hawking their deliciously imaginative pops throughout Vancouver on their mobile bike stand, and will be making camp in front of Front & Company on July 31st from 7 – 9pm. We’ve been big fans of Nice Pops since they’ve started pedaling. Their artisan popsicles are drool-inducing with flavors such as Strawberry + Balsamic, Apricot + Salted Caramel, Blueberry + Cream, and Rhubarb Cardamom!

Spend over $150 on our clothing store side (or $100 on our gift store side!) before July 31st, and you’ll be given a coupon to come back on July 31st for a free treat from Nice Pops!

Tell your friends and RSVP on Facebook! See you there!

Our Favourite Waffles in Vancouver

Are waffles the new cupcakes? Back when cupcake shows were all the rage for network television, Vancouver saw an influx of cupcake shops opening throughout the city. Now, as these shows fade, there’s a new sweet boss in town: waffles. There is an abundance of waffle houses in Vancouver now, and we can’t get enough!

Here’s our list of our favorite waffle destinations in the city!

Pattiserie Lebeau 1728 West 2nd Ave


Photo from The Armoury District

Pattiserie Lebeau is the OG of Vancouver waffle shops. Founded in 1995, Pattiserie Lebeau’s retail shop sells some of the most authentic Belgian liege waffles in the city. The liege waffles are perfectly soft and sturdy while also including crunchy bites from the drops of pearled sugar interspersed throughout the waffle. Pattiserie Lebeau also sells their liege waffles frozen at stores such as Whole Foods. Best frozen waffles ever.

Miura Waffle & Milk Bar 2521 Main St


Photo from Miura Waffle 

Miura Waffle & Milk Bar has moved shop from their Downtown location to the new retail space at Main and Broadway. We’re so stoked that Miura is now located closer to us as their sweet and savory waffles make our stomachs swoon. Specializing in what they call a “sando” (a derivative of the Japanese word for sandwiches!); these waffle sandwiches are filled with tasty delights from Korean bulgogi to Japanese fried chicken. If a savory sando is not what you crave, get the Boston Cream sando or creamy strawberry yoggy shake!

Crackle Creme 245 Union St


Photo from Urbanspoon

Newcomers to the game, Crackle Creme is serving up two of our most favorite things: waffles and creme brulee! Chef Daniel Wong is creating artisanal creme brulle combinations as espresso, cotton candy, and pistachio which can all be accompanied with one of the most pearly sugared liege waffle we’ve ever had! While the focus is more so on creme brulee at Crackle Creme, this is one shop you need to check out if you have love thoughtful sweets infused with love.

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar 1703 Robson St


Photo from Urbanspoon

This little Downtown waffle spot boasts some of the most popular waffles in town! There’s usually a line-up when we go, so on a sunny day, it’s best to take either your deliciously crunchy Brussle waffle or soft and sweet Liege waffle to go. These waffles are some of the most decadent as there are a variety of toppings from ice cream, chocolate drizzle, strawberries and more! Just make sure you bring a friend or two, if you decide to layer on the ice cream!

Cafe Medina 556 Beatty St


Photo from Urbanspoon

One of the meccas of breakfast in Downtown, Cafe Medina also holds their own with the waffle game! The liege style waffles are made with batter from Damien’s Belgian Waffle Factory, in Richmond, and are a tasty accompaniment to their more-than luxurious savory breakfast dishes. The liege waffle comes nude, but there is an assortment of dips that you can order to accompaniment it. Our favorite is the white chocolate pistachio rosewater! Hurry on over to Cafe Medina’s Crosstown location as they will be relocating close to the City Center come mid-summer!

Scandilicious 1340 Commercial Drive 25 Victoria Drive


Photo from Urbanspoon

With two locations and a food truck, Scandilicious is a powerhouse for waffles and Scandinavian food in Vancouver! Similarly to other waffle houses in Vancouver, Scandilicious has both the Brussles and Liege style waffle, but it the Scandinavian twist on their toppings that sets them apart! One of our favorites is their signature, the Scandilicious waffle that has toppings that IKEA-dreams are made of: shrimp, mayo, cucumbers, sliced hard-boiled eggs, and dill-lemon sauce – this is drool inducing food!

Are you a waffle-connoisseur? Where’s the best waffle in Vancouver? Drop us a line, and let us know!

Our Favorite Vancouver Patios 2014

Summer is nigh in Vancouver! Nights are shorter, days are longer, and the sun is out in all its splendor. One of our favorite activities for the summer is: patio hopping! We have a plethora of fantastic patios in Vancouver and with the announcement that the City of Vancouver has allowed 55 establishments to keep their patios open later(midnight as opposed to 11pm); we can't wait to patio hop!


 Click the map for a detailed look at which patios are staying open later!

Source: CBC News

We’re a group of sun babies at Front & Co, and one of the most important things that we look for in a patio is, of course, sunshine. Finding a patio with the perfect amount of sunshine that is neither too blisteringly hot nor too shady can be a feat as location and time of day affect the perfect sunshine-shade index. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite patios in Vancouver that feature the golden ratio of sunshine and shade.


Lift Bar and Grill

(333 Menchions Mews)

Source: Nanawall

Overlooking Coal Harbour, Lift is bathed in sunlight till the sun goes down. A busy downtown establishment whose two levels of patio dining make this a hip spot to take a date.

 Cactus Club

English Bay (1790 Beach Ave) and Coal Harbour (1085 Canada Place)

"Source: Big City Perks

Though Cactus Club has restaurants all over the city, the locations at English Bay and Canada Place feature amazing patios that are unobstructed by buildings. You get fantastic ocean front views with streaming rays of sunlight, so that makes up for the chain-atmosphere.

Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe (750 Hornby St)

Source: The Primalist

Located in the heart of the city, this tucked-away secret inside the Vancouver Art Gallery is one worth revealing because of the truly stunning atmosphere. Playing classical music in the background, this is a great place to stop in for a casual lunch in the sun. You can even grab a bottle of beer or a wine carafe at this low-key patio while enjoying the greenery and sunshine.

Thierry (1059 Alberni St)

Source: GoodEat

Patios aren’t just establishments where drinking in the sun is the number one goal. Thierry’s patio is unique as it is a dessert restaurant that also happens to be open till midnight. Enjoy one of their delicious macaroons while sipping on some wine in the sun.


Chill Winston (3 Alexander St)

Source: Discovering Vancouver

Located in the heart of historic Gastown, Chill Winston is a popular patio spot for brunch and early evening bites. The food is delicious and the vibe is good, but as with most patios in Gastown, the sun tends to disappear into the neighbouring buildings by early evening. Get here for brunch or lunch to maximize patio sunlight!

Six Acres (203 Carrall St)


Source: Glutton with a Camera

Six Acres is one of our after-work haunts if we’re looking to take a field trip into the city. The food is always spectacular (order the house fries, you won’t regret it) and the charm of the quaint establishment is unmatched. The patio is a great spot to people watch the comings and goings of Gastown life.

Mount Pleasant 

The Whip (209 East 6th Ave)

Source: Vancity Buzz

 At this point, The Whip, is a patio institution in Mount Pleasant. The Whip is a popular place to grab an after-work drink and the patio is a surprisingly sunny spot for being located in between streets. We’ve been treated to a few gorgeous summer sunsets here, so keep The Whip on your after work radar!

Five Point (3124 Main St)

Source: The Five Point

The patio at the Five Point is facing street side which makes this an ideal place for those who enjoy people watching. Watch the swathes of Main St. hipsters stroll by while you sip on a crisp, cool pint and chow down on some chicken wings. Get here early on sunny days as the patio fills up quickly!

El Caminos (3250 Main St)

Source: Langara PRM

El Camino’s patio is a modest one that houses a couple of tables, but they are definitely coveted. Like the Five Point, El Camino’s patio is facing street side which makes it a fantastic place to people watch. Pair an ice cold cerveza with an arepa and you are set for the perfect summer patio combo.

Burgoo (3095 Main St)

Source: Burgoo

Burgoo is also a Main St. institution serving up comforting soups and sandwiches that will make you wish you had an excuse to be sick. They are comforting to the body and soul, and when you pair that with their gorgeous patio space that is fully drenched in sunlight all day, you have a winner’s patio.

Commercial Drive

Havana (1212 Commercial Drive)

Source: Life Bites

One of the liveliest places to grab a pitcher of sangria on the Drive. Havana is a kitschy, cool restaurant that houses a wicked patio. Busy on the weekends for brunch and evenings for the post-work goers, Havana is one of our top spots for a patio on the Drive.

St. Augstines (2360 Commercial Drive)

Source: Yelp

St. Augstines is one of the places to grab a beer in Vancouver. They have over 60 beers on tap, and with knowledgeable servers, you would be hard-pressed to find a beer that you didn’t enjoy here! The patio is tucked away on the side and gets busy on sunny days. The sun is most plentiful in the afternoon to early evening so head quickly after work!

Granville Island/False Creek

Tap and  Barrel (1 Athletes Way)

Source: Urban Diner

The patio at Tap and Barrel is the ultimate. The two level patio is one of the hottest places for a hot summer’s day. The view is stunning, the ale is local, and the sun is plentiful. There is very little room for shade so get ready for huge rays of sunlight to kiss your cheeks!

The Sandbar (1535 Johnston St)

Source: Vancity Buzz

Granville Island is already a destination for those seeking sun as the numerous shops and stalls are a perfect way to spend a summer’s day. After you’re done shopping for groceries, head to the Sandbar for seafood delights. You’ll never be in a defect for sun at this patio as the sun shines down on this Granville Island institution from morning to evening.


Local (2210 Cornwall Ave)


Source: Food Punk

Located right across from Kitsilano Beach, Local is the happening spot to be at on a hot summer’s day. The open patio is perfect for people watching the beach babes while enjoying a few beers. If you’re looking to mosey over to the beach but are craving eats, their take out fry shack is a good option!

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe (2095 West 4th Ave)


Source: Sean's Adventures in Flavor Town

For our last patio pick, we’ve chosen Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe! A Kitsilano institiion serving up large breakfasts on the cheap. The garage sale-esque decor makes it for a ktischy blast to the past. Camp out on their patio and enjoy a delicious brunch in the sun!

These are some of our favorite picks for patios in Vancouver! We know there are a lot more in the City, so talk to us! Let us know what your favorite patio is and which ones we’ve left out.

Happy sun bathing and happy eating!

Prepare for Rain (Mia Melon)

As the wet and chilly weather don’t seem to be letting up, we’ve got some ways for you to stay warm, dry, and still look awesome during drearier days.

This Mia Melon jacket is similar to a jacket they put out last fall, and as they are local, they understand the perils of Vancouver rain, and have reinvented it for the spring! The fabric has water repellent coating so water cannot be absorbed and is bonded with waterproof lining. Don’t worry – it isn’t stuffy, still very breathable.

Pair it with a new umbrella we have in and Roy G. Biv will give you his blessing!