Our 2015 Under $50 Valentine’s Gift Guide!

It’s the most loving time of the year — chocolate hearts, pink cards and candy galore. But if you are looking for something a tad more thoughtful without breaking the bank, we have got you covered. Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with our ultimate gift guide for under $50! No matter who the loved one, we have carefully selected treats for your sweetie (you can thank us later).

under50 for him

  1. Freudian Slippers. Don’t be afreud to show your love on February 14th. They’re like therapy couches for your feet! $34
  1. Master of All Trades Multi-tool. Nothing says “I love my guy” like a steel gadget that turns into an intimidating (but useful) appliance. This impressive device from Wild & Wolf contains 15 brushed stainless steel tools and folds up to fit in your pocket. $48
  1. 3. The Three Wisemen stackable flask. Why give one when you can give three? Like any good boy scout, your man will always be prepared with these stacking flasks, each of which are aptly named and can hold up to 3oz of his drink of choice. $42
  1. 4. Pickmaster guitar pick maker. Guitarists are known for two things: being good with their hands, and always losing their darn plectrums. With the Pickmaster, the musician in your life can make their own! Finally, a practical use for old Starbucks gift cards. $44


under50 her small

  1. Kobo Soy Candles. Set the mood with subtle and mysterious scents like Moon Wisteria or smokey Warm Embers. Each candle is beautifully packaged and comes with its own box of matches. $44.95
  1. Chibi Moon & Stars earrings. Who needs matching earrings, anyway? Give these beautiful brass earrings to the moon of your life”. (Yes, that was a Game of Thrones reference.) $34
  1. Smoko Butta Hand Warmers. The cutest gift for your hardworking gal, these ingenious plush toasties plug into the computer and keep typing fingers warm all day and night. $38
  1. B.U. Always Connected bracelet. Delicate gold and silver links are a beautiful, wearable reminder of your love. This bracelet comes in both sterling silver and 22 karat gold vermeil. $46

unisex gifts

  1. Why You Really, Really, Really Deserve Candy notepad. Are you terrible at letter-writing? Does the idea of penning a romantic poem make you break out in a cold sweat? Rest easy, and just check off any and all reasons that apply, such as “You’re sweet,” “It’s Passover” and “You plan for the worst.” $10
  1. Music boxes. Musically challenged? Play a little tune for your sweetheart effortlessly with these hand-cranked miniature music boxes. We have a great selection of songs ranging from You Are My Sunshine to Stairway to Heaven. $9
  1. Ice King Adventure Time plush toy. Now the princess in your life can cuddle an Ice King without any fear of being kidnapped! Unfortunately, Gunther not included. $16
  1. I Heart You Egg shaper and Toast Stamper. Tell that special someone how you feel with a surprise breakfast. Egg shaper, $10; Toast stamper, $5
  1. Cooking for Two: Perfect Meals for Pairs cookbook. This is the perfect gift to share. Forget making reservations two months in advance or braving the restaurant crowds on Valentine’s night—prepare a romantic and cozy dinner for two following simple recipes like Sake-and-Ginger-Poached Black Bass and Mexican Chocolate Sorbet. $24

Front & Company’s Top Date Spots for Valentines Day

1. Robson Square Ice Rink 

Although this spot is cliché for Valentines days, it is also a classic. Take your date for a skate under the stars this Valentine’s weekend for an affordable yet romantic night out.
Bring your own skates or rent for just $4 dollars.

Sunday-Thursday 9AM-9PM
Friday & Saturday 9AM -11PM

2. Salt Tasting Room
If you love cheese, meats, condiments and wine then you should be dining at Salt Tasting Room. Although, the menu can seem intimidating with its long lists of mouthwatering meats and cheeses the staff is well educated, and is more then happy to help you create the ideal tasting plate. This spot is great for a date but also has large family style tables so you can be with all the people you love on the fourteenth. Book your reservation at www.salttastingroom.com before it’s too late!
Located at 45 Blood Alley Square and 2585 W Broadway Vancouver, BC

Picture source: www.afar.com

3.The Shameful Tiki Room
Getting on a plane and flying to some tropical paradise would be ideal this time of year, but if you and your lovebird can’t afford a vacation we have found the next best thing. The Shameful Tiki Room will make you feel like your in the beautiful sunny islands. Giant fruity drinks and tasty sharing plates is what this place is all about.  Join them this Valentine’s Day for their surf theme night!
Located at 4362 Main Street Vancouver, BC
4. Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France
There is no shame in just staying in with your loved ones this year, but before you head home you may want to stop by Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France for some delectable hand made chocolates.  Using the best cocoa beans ownerAnne-Geneviève Poitras has created recipes for the most delicious truffles, tarts, caramels and many more sweet treats. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some delectable chocolates.
Located at 198 East 21st Avenue Vancouver, BC
5. Raw Canvas Restaurant
Eat, paint and drink. Raw Canvas unique concept of mixing restaurant + art studio creates the perfect date location.  The creative atmosphere will allow you to loosen up and enjoy yourself on any date.  For further information please visit www.rawcanvas.com.
Located at 1046 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC

Valentine’s Gift Guide – Mature Lovers Only

As much a part of our store as window displays and rummage sales is a very special section corner of Front & Co.
If you visit us a lot, you will notice that it disappears and reappears, often switching locations around the store. Sometimes parents usher their children away from it if they find they are wandering a bit too close. However, this time of year, the section is moved right beside the door.
This is none other than our “adult” section for mature lovers. You can find all manner of objects here, from kinky party gifts to modern versions of the Kama Sutra featuring sock monkeys.
We know that Valentine’s Day is for the grown-ups and mature lovers as much as the kindergarten classroom, so don’t forget to stop by for something spicy for your special friend.
Here’s a small tour of what’s going on so you can have an idea of what we have.
Master the fine art of belly dancing for your hubby!
For men, if you find your manliness being questioned, read up today and surprise your partner with a testosterous display of behaviours.
Tired of your plain old fridge poetry magnets? Introduce some them to some words that are… um… heard less often in the world of poetry!
Tired of the same old? Here are 365 quickies for the year!
Know someone who needs an example of porn for women? Grab this book of men in compromising positions: ironing, washing the dishes, and setting the table.
Need some rubber bands? Check out our Kama Sutra variety. Try to guess what’s going on in each shape!

Valentines Day Gift Guide – Cards Galore!

In this next installment of our Valentines Day gift guide, we’re looking at cards! We are stocked with cards galore in store, so come on down and take a browse.

We’ve picked some of our favorite cards which definitely express more than one way of saying “I Love You”, whether it’s addressed to your special someone, or a pal you want to show some warm, cardboard affection.

We’ve got cards for the frisky ones…
And the rebellious ones.
Or the darling ones…
And the poets (or those who just enjoy metaphors and similes!).
“You are the warm butter in which I dip my lobster meat soul.”

Come on down to Front & Company and grab a card that speaks to your loved ones!

Valentines Day Gift Guide – Jewelry

Tis the season of love! With Valentines day right around the corner, we know that it can be a mad dash to get the perfect gift… much like Christmas! Avoid the stress of finding a perfect gift by letting us show you what our most popular Valentine’s day gifts are.

Through the next few weeks, we’ll be posting mini gift guides as to what our top picks are!
Let’s begin with the ladies. We have a wide selection of jewelry on both our clothing and gift store sides.
B.U. Jewelry 
B.U. is a very popular choice for jewelry as each piece is carefully and lovingly crafted by hand using a long lost wax-casting method.


Prices range from $38 – $65.

Lover’s Tempo

A local brand that sources gemstones, beads and charms to create new pieces. They use semi-precious stones, crystals, shells and other beads to create their collection.

Keep checking the VALENTINE’S section on our online page for more ideas! Or visit us in store and our staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect item.