Have A Sweet Easter DIY Tutorial

Easter is approaching fast, which means it’s time to bring out your Sunday best and pick up some sweet treats. And if you feel like sharing some of the latter, these DIY milk carton templates are a cinch to put together. Just download and print the template below and follow these simple instructions for a sweet Easter gift for family and friends.


– Printed template (cardstock or a stiffer paper stock works best)
– Scissors or X-acto knife
– Ruler
– Bone folder or other tool for scoring paper
– Glue stick or double-sided tape
– Easter treats
– Sticker or washi tape




1.  Print out the template. Fill out the “To” and From” portion. Line up a ruler with the corresponding arrows score along the indicated lines (see guide above).

2. Cut out the template and fold along the scored lines.

3. Fold the template into a box and seal side and bottom tabs in place using a glue stick or double-sided tape.

3. Fill with your Easter treats. Gently press in the scored/folded sides of the box to bring the top edges together—exactly like a milk carton!

4. Fold over the top and seal with stickers or washi tape.


Tutorial and template design by Melanie Kwan.