DIY: Frozen Lemonade Fruit Cubes

Arnold Palmer was a golfer, known to be one of the best (they even called him “The King”), and his memory lives on in his favorite drink, a combination of half lemonade and half iced tea.


This combination of half lemonade and half iced tea known as the Arnold Palmer (or the Half & Half in some parts of the USA) is one of the most refreshing summer drinks when paired with a tall glass and a bunch of ice. We, at Front & Company, want to give this classic a new twist by incorporating a new element: frozen lemonade fruit cubes!

Frozen lemonade fruit cubes are a fantastic way to keep your drink cool without diluting the taste of your Half & Half and the combinations that you can make are endless. To make these frozen lemonade fruit cubes all you have to do is pour your favorite lemonade recipe into an ice tray, grab your favorite fruit, either leave them whole or dice them up if they’re chunky, and drop them into the ice trays!

Pop the frozen lemonade cubes into a glass half full of iced tea (any kind of brew works), add just a splash of lemonade (and another splash of bourbon or whiskey if you’re feeling like a Tipsy Arnold!), give it a stir and the perfect summer drink has been concocted.

An easy, refreshingly summer drink to keep your thirst quenched. Here are some of our favorite combinations for an Arnold Palmer!

Frozen lemonade grape cubes + mashed concord grapes + chilled jasmine tea + splash of plain lemonade = Grape Expectations!

Frozen lemonade raspberry cubes + mashed raspberries + chilled green tea + splash of plain lemonade and bourbon = Tipsy Razzle Dazzle!

Frozen lemonade pineapple cubes + mashed pineapples + chilled black tea + splash of plain lemonade and dark rum = Tipsy Tropical Delight!

Enjoy these summer sips! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these combinations or if you’ve created your own!

Feature Image from Design Love Fest

Front & Company’s New TV Show Roundup

With the coming of September, there are a few inevitable things… the beginning of school, the turning of leaves from lush green to auburn brown, and of course, the return of our favorite TV series and the premiere of new ones! Twenty-four new shows are going to be released onto television screens this fall (including two different shows with Rashida Jones!), so get your PVRs ready and set to record. Here’s a round-up of the shows we’re most excited to watch!

A slew of new shows riff on the success of Modern Family in depicting abnormal family life.


Photo from CAA Media

Fresh Off the Boat (ABC), based off New York restaurateur, Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name, tells the comedic tale of a Taiwanese immigrant family trying to assimilate into life in suburban Orlando.

Another ABC show, Black-ish, also tells the tale of a family trying to regain a sense of cultural identity. This sitcom has a large cast staring familiar faces such as Laurence Fishburne who plays the straight-laced old-school grandpa.


Photo from Screen Rant

The fall season also brings us more TV shows that are pseudo-portrayals of celebrity’s real lives. TV shows such as Mr. Robinson (NBC) star This is the End’s Craig Robinson as a musician who is forced to become a middle-school music teacher.


Photo from Fox

Comedian John Mulaney is getting a TV show based on his life, aptly titled, Mulaney (FOX). A man of many trades, John Mulaney stars, writes, directs, and produces, his show will be a coming-of-age story about Mulaney’s comedic career. Season premiere of Mulaney is set for October 5th.


Photo from J and J Productions


Photo from Comics Alliance

The superhero genre is not leaving TV screens this season as shows such as Gotham (FOX) and the Flash (CW) will be joining shows such Arrow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gotham will premiere on September 22nd, and the drama explores the origin story of Lt. James Gordon, Batman’s chief police ally, and his battle with the city’s villains before Batman. The Flash is another show we’re been hearing good hype about and it tells the story of the fastest man alive.


Photo from YVR Shoots

New crime-dramas will also be premiering in the fall. We’re excited about Aquarius (NBC) which stars David Duchovny as a police sergant in the late 1960s who is tracking down Charles Manson. Rainn Wilson, from the Office, shifts roles from the lovable awkwardness of Dwight Schrute, to playing a self-destructive detective in Backstrom (FOX). CSI gets a facelift as well in the new spin-off, CSI: Cyber (CBS), which will focus on cyber-crimes.


Photo from Pulse

Finally, the last new show that caught our eye is Utopia (FOX). Utopia is a reality TV show that has 15 contestants trying to create a Utopian society from the ground up, literally. In this social experiment, contestants are put on an undeveloped piece of land and are expected to build civilization from scratch. Based on a hit Norwegian reality TV-show that has been Internet streaming the contestant’s actions since January 2014, this definitely piques our curiosity.

With all these new shows, we’ll see which ones survive the eventual cancellation frenzy!

Which shows are you excited for?

Style Spotting – Pea & Schooter

Pea (left)
Accessories – Bango
Top – India – Mirror, Block Print
Bottoms – Drop Crotch JNBY, Scissor Denham
Shoes – Rajasthani 
Why do you like to shop consignment?
Give & take!
How would you describe your personal style?
Simply fun.
Who is your favourite fashion icon?
Baba Ji
Worst fashion faux-pas?
White socks. 

Summer Nights at Front X JJ’s Trucketeria X Rummage Sale

On August 28th, Front & Company is going to be hosting our last Summer Nights event. And because it’s our last, we’re going out with a bang! JJ’s Trucketeria, the legendary local yellow food truck, will be parked outside of Front & Co from 7 – 9pm on August 28th to satisfy those hunger pains that come with a night of shopping till you drop.


JJ’s Trucketeria is one of our favorite food trucks as they create delicious Asian-inspired comfort food made with healthy, seasonal ingredients. One of our favorite dishes is their garlic fried rice plates featuring the flavors of Southeast Asia including  from the Phillipines, Vietnam, and India. Did we mention it also comes with a fried egg on top? Yum!

RSVP on Facebook, and come hungry! We can’t wait to see you!

Breaking news! Additionally, we are going to have our famous rummage sale beginning on summer nights! The rummage sale is a mythical event where items are priced so low, they disappear in an instant!


All the more reason to head on down to Summer Nights!

Style Spotting – “Hatsumomo” and Nigel Lew

“Hatsumomo” (left)
Instagram – @henrybae
Accessories – Dr. Martens bag
Top – Daniel Patrick
Outer – Vintage Haori
Bottoms – Vintage Baji
Shoes – Forfex from SoleStruck
Other – Shining personality, black heart
Favourite item ever purchased from Front & Company?
Macaron for naughty things
Why do you like to shop consignment?
You mean “thrift”? – American
How would you describe your personal style?
Asian American
Who is your favourite fashion icon?
Rick Owens and Hatsumomo from Memoirs of a Geisha
Worst fashion faux-pas?
Trend junkies and Forever 21 jewelry


Nigel Lew (right)
Instagram – @nigellew
Twitter – @_nigellew
Accessories -Roots Bucket Bag
Top – Vintage
Outer – Mall Flowers
Bottoms – Kenneth Cole
Shoes – Vintage Ostrich Leather
Other – Umbrella Stone
Favourite item ever purchased from Front & Company?
Leather biker jacket
Why do you like to shop consignment?
Sustainable, more character!
How would you describe your personal style?
Androgynous, proportion, minimal, black
Who is your favourite fashion icon?
Yohji Yamamoto
Worst fashion faux-pas?
Bucket hats


DIY – Painted Stone Incense Garden

As the summer winds down and the days are long and sunny we all have slowed down considerably. The chill factor has definitely been increased around the office as everyone is enjoying these last days of relaxation, and talk of lazy days, cool evenings and campfires has definitely been dominating our day-to-day. This instinct to slow down is what inspired us to create an incense based DIY.

You will need a large flat dish, some beach stones, some sifted beach sand (a bit of a theme is developping here) and some acrylic craft paint.We painted our stones freehand with stripes and geometric shapes but you can also use masking tape to create a cleaner line. We also used the head of a nail to stamp dots in our patterns, or you can use a gold or silver gel pen to glam up your stones.



Next, fill your dish with sand, this acts as a base for the incense to stick into, an easy cleanup because the ash will just mix with the sand, and prevents a fire hazard; just stick the burning head of the incense in the sand to put it out.


Then arrange your stones around the edge for decoration, light some incense and enjoy a fragrant sunset.




Consignment Fall Trends for 2014

Although we’re still rolling out our beach towels and slapping on sunscreen, it’s almost time for the coziest of seasons: Fall/Winter! Can’t wait for the thrill of getting to snuggle up to woolens and knits, as well as more layering options. We’ve gathered our forecast for the coming seasons, and what we’re looking for in the consignment department. There is a sense of ease in the air, and we’re looking forward to stocking up on cold weather essentials!



The most essential item in a cold climate is the coat (or jacket). Classics such as the peacoat and duffle will never go out of style, but this winter we’re looking forward to simple lines and longer lengths. Duster coats reign supreme, with  as well as textured jacquards and tweeds. Capes and blanket coats make a comeback, just in time for cold winds and chilly nights. On the other side of the spectrum, boxy cropped styles also popped up in many collections. Whether you like your coats on the long or very short side, a plethora of options are coming your way!  Statement outerwear will get you through wet and windy winter. Editor’s pick: a windowpane plaid coat!




Although a dark, slim cut pair of jeans looks darling, we’ve noticed a swing in the shape of things. Touting relaxed and destroyed styles, jeans seem to be leaning towards a louche attitude. White denim is a viable option, and we are warming up to the idea of a Canadian tuxedo. Double denim, anyone?



Sharply asymmetrical skirts were rampant on the runways. Cut across the body and akin to a futuristic, Blade Runner-esque aesthetic, these pseudo-kilts are a surefire FW2014 trend. In other skirted issues, the midi trend keeps on keepin’ on! Longer length skirts are prim ‘n’ proper with a simple button down, or more streetwise with a worn in vintage t-shirt. Add a pair of ankle boots or some sneakers and you’ll be ready for whatever the day may bring.



There is an air of chromatic dedication this season. Outfitted in similar tones or simple black and white, color makes a very important statement. The easiest way to get dressed is adopting a wardrobe of minimal shades. If an austere palette isn’t your thing, fret not! Deeply pigmented textiles aren’t going anywhere. Vibrant blues (cobalt, indigo, sea) and reds (sangria, crimson, cherry) as well as a bevy of greens bring a potent punch to fall’s palette. Try a monochromatic look to be ever-so-au-courant. Don’t forget about plaids and painterly patterns, as they add a delectable splash of art-world inspiration to you attire!



In the shoe department, thick tread soles have made a major comeback. Think 90’s inspired lugs (we’re just as surprised as you are!). Menswear detailing proves to be prominent, such as buckled monk-strap shoes. Ankle boots are a solid choice, as Chelsea boots and cutout styles maintain a stronghold on the fashion forward set!


It’s easy to get ahead in a pair of stylish sneakers, be it skateboard inspired slip on, or a pair of decadent lace runners, via Chanel. For once, comfort is en vogue!


As far as bags, decadent detailing is just as popular as pared down simplicity. Maximal or minimal, it’s up to you which end of the spectrum you choose!  

Back to School Supplies

That time of the year is coming up again… back to school! Along with a new back to school wardrobe, you’ll need to stock up on all the practical supplies that comes with the sounds of school bells ringing. Backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, and more… we’ve got you covered at Front & Company for all your stationary needs!


1. Herschel Backpack. This is the number one must-have accessory for returning back to school! We have several styles in-store and online, check them out! $56

2. Treetops Journal. We’ve got a wide variety of journals in-store from this cute tree tops one to a Ryan Gosling themed one! You’ll need something to hold all those notes. $13.50

3. Ruler Keyring. Attach this ruler to your keys and you’ll know the measurement for everything! $10

4. Sushi Sticky Notes. Because plain, square sticky-notes cannot accurately express what you are thinking! Use assorted sushi sticky notes to get your delicious point across. $5

5. Pacman Stapler. Staple your paper together with this heroic yellow circle! $18

6. Shipshape Pencil Case. This pencil case is an act of inception as it is not made of paper, but plastic! That way, your ship won’t sink if you get it wet! $12

7. Fossil Erasers. These erases come in a set and as you keep using them, it gradually reveals the dinosaur fossil inside. For the budding paleontologist.  $10

8. Borrow My Pen? Pens. If you’ve got a problem with friends not returning your pens, these pens will embarass them for doing so! $9

Express yourself with our quirky school supplies! Everything listed is available in-store or online if you’d rather spend the last few weeks of summer lounging around the beach and not hunting down school supplies! Everything can be shipped locally in Vancouver or internationally.

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer, enjoy it everybody!

Pride in Fashion: Icons, Allies and Modern Muses

In celebration of LBGTQ+ Pride in Vancouver, we’ve taken a closer look at the intersection of some fashionable personalities who are notable within the LBGTQ+ community.

paris-1965-yves-saint-laurent-ex-wonder-boy-of-dior-works-with-a-fashion-model-at-his-own-fashion-house-in-parisYSL at his show in 1965, from Getty Archives.

Yves Saint Laurent is lauded as one of the most influential designers of the latter half of the twentieth century. In the 1960’s & 70’s, Yves was synonymous with style, introducing several streetwear items into the sphere of haute couture. Laurent was also credited with the popularization of the smoking jacket for women, a progressively gender-bending feat. Much of Yves’ success came from the financial (and emotional) backing of his partner and lover, Pierre Berge. Although the pair split in 1986, Berge was a steadfast member of the Laurent brand. The two created an empire despite being an openly gay couple during a time of far more societal resistance towards those who were openly “out”.

photo from the set of “Giant”, by Frank Worth.

Elizabeth Taylor; she of opulent diamonds. An actress from the age of 9, Ms. Taylor’s lengthy Hollywood career spanned throughout much of the twentieth century. Notorious for her many marriages (8) and opulent lifestyle, Elizabeth had an incredibly philanthropic demeanor in support of HIV/AIDS awareness and research. She co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985, and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in 1993. Taylor showcased an ability to utilize fame and fortune to be an ally to the LBGTQ+ community, as well as those whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

cara delevingne from us vogue

photo (and lead photo) from Vogue US, July 2014.

Last but not least, the modern maverick: Cara Delevingne. At only 21 years old, Cara has distinguished herself as a hard-working and talented model, as well as a media darling. Known for a distinct personal style and showcasing her personality off the runway, Delevigne was spotted on several romantic outings in 2014 with Michelle Rodriguez. Previously Cara was romantically linked to one Harry Styles (of One Direction). Delevingne has proven to be a modern muse in her flippant attitude towards the scrutiny of her romantic dealings. Feeling no need to label or explain herself, she has maintained visibility for those of us whose orientation may be less than conventional.

Leavenworth, Washington: The 4 Hour Getaway

Have you ever wanted to go to Germany before? Experience the beer-drinking feats of Oktoberfest, snack on some Bavarian sausages, and wear some lederhosen? If you’ve ever had an inkling to experience a taste of Bavaria, and a trip to Germany isn’t in your books any time soon, there is a place for you that isn’t too far from Vancouver! This place is Leavenworth, Washington.


Photo from Leavenworth Summer

Leavenworth is a town located in the Puget Sound, Washington, and is about 150 km east of Everett. The history of Leavenworth does not begin with a Bavarian heritage, but one that is full of the Native American tradition of the Yakima, Chinook, and Wenatachi tribes. Leavenworth then became an early pioneer settlement that saw a boom and eventual, bust. The town suffered a few decades of economic hardship till in the 1960s, the community’s leaders decided to re-brand Leavenworth and take advantage of their alpine background. They turned their downtown core into a Bavarian-inspired town, and tourism flourished.


From Vancouver, it is about a 4 hour trip depending on traffic and border waiting times. The most direct route from Vancouver is to use Highway 2 towards Stevens Pass. If you’d like to visit Seattle and other central Washington stops along the way, you could also take Highway 97 which will allow you to make Leavenworth a last stop before heading back to Vancouver.


The town  center on Front St. is where all the Bavarian action is happening. The architecture is all distinctly Bavarian themed and there are several attractions that keep it old world.


Photo from Joe Lourenco

There is a traditional handcrafted maypole in the town square that features dancers performing at certain times of the day.

Seattle - Islands & Historic Towns_4

Photo from Women World

If you like beer, there is a beer wagon that you can features lederhosen folk in which you can take your photo with. There are also numerous restaurants, bars, and even a brewery that all feature imported German beer or locally-crated German-inspired beer! Icicle Brewery is a fantastic stop for those who love craft beer while also enjoying small plates and morsels.

The hills are also alive with the sound of music as a Glockenspiel plays music every 15 minutes. Carillon bells are also playing music throughout the day in Leavenworth, head east towards the festhall to listen on. If you’d like to really listen to the sound of music, the Leavenworth Summer Theater puts on a product of the Sound of Music every summer!

pam-2Photo from Leavenworth

In addition to converting the town of Leavenworth into a Bavarian themed village, the town’s leaders also created numerous festivals in order to foster the Bavarian atmosphere. The next big events that are coming up include the Autumn Leaf Festival and Parade from September 26 – 28 which celebrates the changing colors of leaves, and Oktoberfest which runs on each weekend during October.


The Bavarian-themed area of Leavenworth is actually quite small. It takes only about 15 minutes to walk from one end of the downtown core to the other. If you exhaust all things Bavarian to engage in, Leavenworth is located in the beautiful Puget Sound area that has no shortage of nature activities.

Waterfront Park


Photo from Panoramio

Waterfront Park is located a short walk away from downtown Leavenworth which makes it a good place to soak in natural sites if you are pressed for time. The Wenatchee River runs along Waterfront Park and there are several trails that can take you further along to Blackbird Island or to Enchantment Park. A fantastic place for those who like to wander.

Icicle Gorge


Photo from Josh Cadd

The loop around Icicle Gorge is 4 km, but there is very little change in elevation which makes it an easy and leisurely hike. The hike around Icicle Gorge takes you through different nature formations from wooded areas, river views, and mountain views making it a fantastic hike for those waiting even more seclusion from village life.


There is no shortage of Bavarian delights to eat when in Leavenworth! From brats, beers, and more beer, if you are craving old world food, this town has it!

Munchen Haus (709 Front St)


Photo from Blue Sky Whitewater

Munchen Haus is a quaint outdoor-seating restaurant hat is fantastic for a casual feast with delicious Bavarian food. They are known for their brats and sausages, so make sure you order one (with a beer, of course!) when you head on over. They have an assortment of sausages that cater to everyone (even the vegetarian!)We love the currywurst! Truly a taste of Germany.

Andreas Keller (829 Front St)


Photo from Alex Juy 

First opened in 1989, Andreas Keller makes traditional, hearty meals that feature old-world flavor. From dishes such as spatzle (handmade egg noodles), schnitzel (pork cutlet), and bavarian-style pretzels, this is the place to go for a nice meal in Leavenworth. If the food doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been transported to Germany, there is also an accordion player in the restaurant that will do so!

The Gingerbread Factory (828 Commercial St)


Photo from Cake Spy

As the name suggests, the Gingerbread Factory makes gingerbread cookies! These gingerbread cookies are baked in house and are supremely tasty. The staff are very friendly and creative when it comes to hand-decorating your cookie! Make sure you stop by and grab a cookie before you leave Leavenworth!


Leavenworth makes a great place for a day-trip if you leave Vancouver early and want to see multiple sites in the central Washington area.


Photo from Pamela Poland

If you’d like to stay for a weekend Bavarian getaway, there are numerous hotels and resort sites to stay at. For a romantic getaway, the Mountain Home Lodge looks like a fantstic place to stay as it is located a bit further from the town center and nestled into the alpine scenery surrounding Leavenworth. For accommodations closer to the town square and more Bavarian-themed, the Bavarian Lodge should be exactly what you are looking for!

We often see deals on social shopping sites such as Groupon, Social Shopper, or Dealfind for resorts and hotels in Leavenworth and the surrounding Wenatchee area, so keep your eyes peeled for weekend getaway deals!

Have any of your experienced the Bavarian nature of Leavenworth? Are there other sites we should see in central Washington along the way? Leave us a comment and let us know!