Our 2015 Under $50 Valentine’s Gift Guide!

It’s the most loving time of the year — chocolate hearts, pink cards and candy galore. But if you are looking for something a tad more thoughtful without breaking the bank, we have got you covered. Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with our ultimate gift guide for under $50! No matter who the loved one, we have carefully selected treats for your sweetie (you can thank us later).

under50 for him

  1. Freudian Slippers. Don’t be afreud to show your love on February 14th. They’re like therapy couches for your feet! $34
  1. Master of All Trades Multi-tool. Nothing says “I love my guy” like a steel gadget that turns into an intimidating (but useful) appliance. This impressive device from Wild & Wolf contains 15 brushed stainless steel tools and folds up to fit in your pocket. $48
  1. 3. The Three Wisemen stackable flask. Why give one when you can give three? Like any good boy scout, your man will always be prepared with these stacking flasks, each of which are aptly named and can hold up to 3oz of his drink of choice. $42
  1. 4. Pickmaster guitar pick maker. Guitarists are known for two things: being good with their hands, and always losing their darn plectrums. With the Pickmaster, the musician in your life can make their own! Finally, a practical use for old Starbucks gift cards. $44


under50 her small

  1. Kobo Soy Candles. Set the mood with subtle and mysterious scents like Moon Wisteria or smokey Warm Embers. Each candle is beautifully packaged and comes with its own box of matches. $44.95
  1. Chibi Moon & Stars earrings. Who needs matching earrings, anyway? Give these beautiful brass earrings to the moon of your life”. (Yes, that was a Game of Thrones reference.) $34
  1. Smoko Butta Hand Warmers. The cutest gift for your hardworking gal, these ingenious plush toasties plug into the computer and keep typing fingers warm all day and night. $38
  1. B.U. Always Connected bracelet. Delicate gold and silver links are a beautiful, wearable reminder of your love. This bracelet comes in both sterling silver and 22 karat gold vermeil. $46

unisex gifts

  1. Why You Really, Really, Really Deserve Candy notepad. Are you terrible at letter-writing? Does the idea of penning a romantic poem make you break out in a cold sweat? Rest easy, and just check off any and all reasons that apply, such as “You’re sweet,” “It’s Passover” and “You plan for the worst.” $10
  1. Music boxes. Musically challenged? Play a little tune for your sweetheart effortlessly with these hand-cranked miniature music boxes. We have a great selection of songs ranging from You Are My Sunshine to Stairway to Heaven. $9
  1. Ice King Adventure Time plush toy. Now the princess in your life can cuddle an Ice King without any fear of being kidnapped! Unfortunately, Gunther not included. $16
  1. I Heart You Egg shaper and Toast Stamper. Tell that special someone how you feel with a surprise breakfast. Egg shaper, $10; Toast stamper, $5
  1. Cooking for Two: Perfect Meals for Pairs cookbook. This is the perfect gift to share. Forget making reservations two months in advance or braving the restaurant crowds on Valentine’s night—prepare a romantic and cozy dinner for two following simple recipes like Sake-and-Ginger-Poached Black Bass and Mexican Chocolate Sorbet. $24

Back to School Supplies

That time of the year is coming up again… back to school! Along with a new back to school wardrobe, you’ll need to stock up on all the practical supplies that comes with the sounds of school bells ringing. Backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, and more… we’ve got you covered at Front & Company for all your stationary needs!


1. Herschel Backpack. This is the number one must-have accessory for returning back to school! We have several styles in-store and online, check them out! $56

2. Treetops Journal. We’ve got a wide variety of journals in-store from this cute tree tops one to a Ryan Gosling themed one! You’ll need something to hold all those notes. $13.50

3. Ruler Keyring. Attach this ruler to your keys and you’ll know the measurement for everything! $10

4. Sushi Sticky Notes. Because plain, square sticky-notes cannot accurately express what you are thinking! Use assorted sushi sticky notes to get your delicious point across. $5

5. Pacman Stapler. Staple your paper together with this heroic yellow circle! $18

6. Shipshape Pencil Case. This pencil case is an act of inception as it is not made of paper, but plastic! That way, your ship won’t sink if you get it wet! $12

7. Fossil Erasers. These erases come in a set and as you keep using them, it gradually reveals the dinosaur fossil inside. For the budding paleontologist.  $10

8. Borrow My Pen? Pens. If you’ve got a problem with friends not returning your pens, these pens will embarass them for doing so! $9

Express yourself with our quirky school supplies! Everything listed is available in-store or online if you’d rather spend the last few weeks of summer lounging around the beach and not hunting down school supplies! Everything can be shipped locally in Vancouver or internationally.

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer, enjoy it everybody!

Travel Picks

Planes, trains and automobiles! Weekend getaways, remote beach resorts, and adventurous jungle trekking! We, here at Front & Company have the travel bug. If you’re anything like us, you just can’t wait to spend your summer days escaping to unknown places, foreign cities and white sandy beaches. To make sure your trip is smooth sailing we’ve compiled some travel must-haves!


1. Packing and organizing can be stressful especially with pre holiday jitters. Here are some products to help you pack like a pro and remember everything you might need! You can’t go wrong with this What To Pack list notepad!

2. Hair pins, band aids, jewelry and all your other knick knacks can be stored and kept safe in these crafty little stash and go containers!

3. Cute wash bags are a must have for any traveler. Take a look in store for more fun styles!

4. When the packing is done, help tell your suitcase apart from the rest with these eye catching and quirky luggage tags!

5. Ideally, we’d all like to bring our entire wardrobe with us on holiday, but alas, this cannot be done and won’t be done with this digital travel scale! Handy for any airport bound traveler.

6. Holidays are about adventure, friendships, experiencing new things and sometimes just plain old relaxing. We can think of nothing better! Spend your time reading a good book, jotting down your memories and holding on to keep sakes along the way. Journals, good books and fun trip accessories are abundant at Front & Co. This journal is one of our favorites!

7. Snap some pictures of your ocean side escapades with this under the water disposable camera, for use both on land and off!

8. Now for our tech savvy travelers, this gadget will make any trip entertaining. An ultra thin battery for iPhones will keep you charged up and in the know, no matter your location.

All of these fantastic travel accessories are available in store right now! If you can’t make it in, you can also order it online!

Happy and safe travels!

By Beth Murtagh
Graphics by Grace Altobar

Summer Grillin’

Summer nights call for nothing better than burgers, beers and a few good friends. What better way to spend your time than sitting around a lit BBQ while waiting for a delicious meal out in the open air with good company? Let us, at Front & Company, help turn your average BBQ into a summer soiree for you and your pals.

IMG_9678bbq1 IMG_9694

Help set the mood with these colourful, bright, and pretty items that reflect the best of the sunny summer days. Create a holiday away from home for your BBQ Guests and let these charming products set the tone. Put on your party dress and shake up a couple cocktails and you’re ready to go.




These unique products are bound to bring a smile to a lot of faces. Have a night filled with laughs and make some memories with your friends over these light hearted and fun items.

bbq3 IMG_9726

Try a new recipe! Whether it’s a fancy gourmet burger or a fruity cocktail; here at Front & Co, we have lots of cook books to help you along. Impress your guests and please their taste buds. You’ll have them coming back for more. As the cooking commences keep your friends entertained with some silly party games. Smiles laughs and good food: what summer is all about!

By Beth Murtagh
Photography by Grace Altobar