Alicia Fashionista + Front & Company Giveaway! (Part II)

The good vibes we had with Alicia Fashionista won’t quit, so we couldn’t help but post some more from our afternoon of fun!

Be sure to  enter to win a $100 gift card, just comment on this post! The contest runs until Tuesday, June 24th.

We learned a bit about the origins of Alicia’s awesome style, here’s part II of our tête-à-tête.

What (or who) has been the biggest influence on you, stylewise?

I think I’d have to give the credit to my nana. Thinking back, I think it was ultimately her influence that has fueled my love for fashion and the reason there’s always a feminine element to my looks.  She never wore a pair of pants a day in her life! That woman rocked her personal style like no other and always looked very put together.  I also find everyday influence from friends/street style, fashion bloggers, etc.

What is your favourite thing about living in Vancouver, and why?

Spending one sunny day in this city and you basically don’t even need to ask this question.  It’s so absolutely beautiful here.

Favourite getaway within BC?

That’s a tie between Ucluelet and Nicola Lake.

If money were no object, where would you shop for clothing?

I think I’d fly to Europe to shop if money were no object.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

What was the last thing that made you laugh very, very hard? The last thing that made you cry?

I am a generally smiling/giggly person so the last time I laughed really hard was probably 5 minutes ago.  As for crying, it was a Buzzfeed article about how good people in the world still exist with a bunch of heartwarming stories that obviously brought me to tears.  Such a sap.

KillJoy dark gray denim vest $32
BB Dakota cream lace overlay sleeveless dress $112
Black and white abstract print bag $56
Sunglasses $16
Golden geometric triangle necklace $24
Chinese Laundry “Laguna” sandal (white and black) $64

14154602929_46b8082ee2_o(1) 14154612358_4c68023ce3_o 14361449463_1071b7743a_oLOOK 2
Kensie sample red dress $59
Chinese Laundry “Indigo Girl” black cutout ankle boots $138
Cat’s eye sunglasses $16
Arrow golden ring $10
Braided golden ring $5
Chevron golden ring $10
Golden nail bangle $24
Street Level royal blue clutch $49
Rhinestone necklace $36

styled by Lydia Okello
photographed by Grace Altobar

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