Alicia Fashionista + Front & Company Giveaway!

Vancouver is home to a cornucopia of stylish humans, and we’re constantly finding inspiration in the beautiful people who visit Front. We recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon of shopping with one of our favourite local bloggers, Alicia Quan of Alicia Fashionista. With a genuine joy that is simply contagious, we had a blast strolling in Mt. Pleasant with Alicia. She even gave us some insight for her strategy when shopping at Front. Pro tip: “Shop often and always allow yourself sufficient browsing time!” And sometimes you’ll luck out and discover timeless pieces, “I’ve always had really good luck at Front, but my favourite of all time was a consignment winter coat.  It’s cream coloured with a cocoon shape and was such an amazing price.  I’ve worn that thing for years and still get so many compliments on it.” And now for the best part: the giveaway! We’ll be giving away a $100 gift card for Front and Company this week, and it’s easy to enter! All you have to do is comment on this post. Let us know what your favourite Front find is, or your must haves for summer! Just enter your information below and GOOD LUCK! This contest runs from June 17-24th. We’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday June 25th.

please note, availability of consignment pieces may vary . if you see something you like, we’d be happy to try and find something similar when you come by! 14154627728_c9bff86195_o 14154685110_de66bc1560_o 14337950721_72b2638d6a_o Alica is wearing: Brixton green straw hat $49 Lumiere white sleeveless collared top $34 Pink Martini floral pants $78 White stone bracelet $14 Black and white sunglasses $16 Chinese Laundry “Indigo Girl” black cutout ankle boots $138

Styling by Lydia Okello Photography by Grace Altobar

71 thoughts on “Alicia Fashionista + Front & Company Giveaway!

  1. My favorite Front find is a pair of vintage mustard yellow leather below the ankle cowboy style boot with a buckle! It’s actually time to re-sole them because I wore them so much!

  2. I love the mix of high and low at front. I’ve gotten a beautiful pair of lanvin heels and a super cute cheap Monday sweater on a different visit. Their selection of dainty rings and beautiful jewelry is also amazing!

  3. My fave Front & company piece is this unique turquoise halter top with a flower detail near the neckline.The color is just gorgeous and I could wear it with leggings for a casual look or with pants and a blazer at work.I ALWAYS get compliments whenever I wear it and get asked where I bought it!:)

  4. I just discovered Front & Company over the Easter weekend and am IN LOVE with your store! I found an amazing Obakki skirt a while back – it’s fun, flirty and versatile, and definitely a wardrobe staple!

  5. I’ve only been to Front & Company once with friends. They were in a hurry to shop through things so I was left browsing the accessory tables! There were some fantastic statement necklaces and head chains that I really would have loved to pick up.

    I definitely need to drop by again soon!!


  6. I have a huge love for Front & Co. A polka dot shirt I got years ago still makes me happy every time I wear it!

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